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How well your bicycle fits you is crucial when cycling.  The slightest adjustments can make the difference between safe and unsafe when it comes to your cycling experience.  Specific settings in your bicycle fitting that are even slightly off can easily result in pain or discomfort and eventually even injury.

Sometimes the injuries that occur from an improper bike fitting don't immediately expose themselves as any more than a slight ache or pain.  These Acute injuries are often treatable when treated promptly.  The onset of these injuries, when left untreated, often goes on to form a more severe and chronic pain much more difficult to treat.

So why risk it?  Make an appointment to have your bike set up today!

Bicycle fittings are done right inside our office.  Simply bring in your bike that you want fitted and Dr. Scott will set you up on an indoor trainer similar to this one on the right.  From there you do the pedaling and let the Irondoc take care of the rest.

Over the course of the fitting you will be asked to bike as you normally would while taking rests for measurements and proper adjustments.  The 4 adjustments shown above are crucial in achieving the ultimate goal of proper body angles to provide you maximum cycling comfort with the lowest possible injury risk.

When it comes to cycling, the neck, back, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and feet sustain the majority of common injuries.  Our goal is to not only protect these important body parts, but to protect your entire body on all your cycling endeavors.

Staying on the road/trail however, is entirely up to you!

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So why Dr. Scott and not just any bike shop?

As you would probably be able to find one of the local bicycle shops to perform your bicycle fitting at a slightly lesser cost, your probably asking yourself "Why should I have Dr. Scott do my bicycle fitting when I can get the same service at the local bicycle shop and save a couple bucks to boot"?  This is, in fact, a great question, so let's take a constructive look at the answer...

As Dr. Scott has been an avid cyclist for the majority of his life, you can probably rest assured that he has more bicycle knowledge then that of your average young adult you would likely encounter at a local bicycle shop.  But for the sake of a fair comparison, let's say that the cycling knowledge of all parties is equal and on the same level when it comes to the proper adjustments of a bike fitting.  "So what else is there to possibly even consider"?  you might be asking about now, well, this is where we separate the boys from the MAN!

It's no secret that the primary goal of a bicycle fitting is to achieve maximum cycling comfort, but even more so, the goal is to prevent injury!  Who could possibly be a better candidate to perform the most precise bicycle fitting than a man who not only understands the injury risk factors but a man who also understands the nature and severity of all of the injuries that could occur?  Sure there is common knowledge of the majority of cycling injuries one might risk, but it's the complete understanding of these injuries that is what separates Dr. Warren Scott from all the rest!

Dr. Scott has years of experience in the sports medicine field and is no less than an expert on the understanding of all cycling injuries and how they occur.  Add the fact that he is an avid and longtime cyclist himself and there is just simply no comparison.  As he treats these injuries on a daily basis, and has done so for over 20 years, he knows the importance of a proper bicycle fitting better than most could imagine.  So when it comes to saving a few bucks, I ask you "How much is your body really worth to you"?

Dr. Scott is the only choice for a proper bicycle fitting!

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